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Jatiya Sangsad

Humaynu Rasheed Choudhury - Speaker of National People's Congress

{Born on November 11, 1928 at Sylhet town}

[Passed Senior Cambridge with eight Credits in 1944. Graduated from Aligarh University in 1947 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology, Chemistry and Geography. Obtained Diploma in International Affairs at the London Institute of World Affairs. He has a graduate Certificate of Honour from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy of Tufts University in Massachusetts, USA]

(Since 14 July, 1996)

Unicameral National Parliament or Jatiya Sangsad (330 seats ; 300 elected by popular vote from single territorial constituencies, 30 seats reserved for women ; members serve five-year terms)

Last elections held 12 June 1996 and September 1996

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Dasho Ugen Dorje - Speaker of the National Assembly

{Born } 

(Since )

Unicameral National Assembly or Tshogdu (150 seats ; 105 elected from village constituencies, 10 represent religious bodies, and 35 are designated by the monarch to represent government and other secular interests ; members serve three-year terms)

Last elections held NA

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Sansad - Parliament

Rajya Sabha - Council of States

Shri Krishan Kant - Chairman of the Rajya Sabha

{Born in Khan, Amritsar District, Punjab, February 28, 1927}

[D.A.V. College, Lahore and Banaras Hindu University ; m. Smt. Suman, December 11, 1958; 1 d. and 2 s.; Scientist and Social Worker]

(Since August 21, 1997)

Bicameral Parliament or Sansad consists of the Council of States or Rajya Sabha (a body consisting of not more than 250 members, up to 12 of which are appointed by the president, the remainder are chosen by the elected members of the state and territorial assemblies ; members serve six-year terms)

Last elections 29 March 2000

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Lok Sabha - House of the People

Shri Ganti Mohana Chandra Balayogi - Speaker of the Lok Sabha

{Born 1 October 1951 Yedurulanka, Distt. East Godavari (Andhra Pradesh)}

[M.A., B.L. Educated at Andhra University,Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh)]

(Since 1998 Re-elected to 12th Lok Sabha)

People's Assembly or Lok Sabha (545 seats ; 543 elected by popular vote, 2 appointed by the president ; members serve five-year terms)

Last elections held 5, 12, 18, 25 september and 3 october 1999

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Abdullah Hameed - President of Citizens' Council

{Born }

(Since 1999)

Unicameral Citizens' Council or Majlis (48 seats ; 40 elected by popular vote, 8 appointed by the president ; members serve five-year terms)

Last elections 19 november 1999

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Rashtriya Sabha


Mohammad Mohsin - Chairman of the National Council


(Since 1999)

Bicameral Parliament The Sansad (Parliament) has two chambers. The Rashtriya Sabha (House of the States) has 60 members, 35 members elected by the the Pratinidhi Sabha, 15 representatives of Regional Development Areas and 10 appointed members.

Last elections 27 June 1999

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Pratinidhi Sabha


Tara Nath Ranabhat - Speaker of the House of Representatives

(Since 1999)

The Pratinidhi Sabha (House of Representatives) has 205 members elected for five year term in single-seat constituencies.

Last election held 3 and 17 may 1999

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Wasim Sajjad - President of the Senate


(Since 1997)

Bicameral Parliament or Majlis-e-Shoora consists of the Senate (87 seats ; members indirectly elected by provincial assemblies to serve six-year terms ; one-third of the members up for election every two years)

Last elections held 12 March 1997

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National Assembly


Illahi Bukhsh Soomro - President of the National Assembly


(Since 1997)

National Assembly (217 seats - 10 represent non-Muslims ; members elected by popular vote to serve five-year terms)

Last elections held 3 February 1997

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Kiri Banda Ratnayake - President of the Parliament


(Since 1994)

Unicameral Parliament (225 seats ; members elected by popular vote on the basis of a modified proportional representation system to serve six-year terms)

Last elections held 16 August 1994.

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